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One of the greatest moments of my life was when I watched BSD Fund skyrocket with support for the Portable C Compiler in late 2008 on what turned out to be the eve of the global recession. I pressed on in the open source nonprofit/NGO community as long as I could but it became clear that it was the end of an era.

One thing I learned from that experience was that a community-engaged for-profit company can provide far greater benefit to the community than a struggling nonprofit. Not only that, I firmly believe that the community can provide far more efficient checks and balances than any government tax authority that is tasked with nonprofit oversight in addition to revenue collection.

Embracing this new era, I have launched Call For Testing and will soon launch a BSD-related hardware business. The economy however is no less brutal and I welcome your support of my community efforts, particularly with regards to conference attendance. I also welcome your help with my support of developers: the Oregon E-Cycles program combined with Oregon's lack of a sales tax gives me access to great used computer equipment at low and sometimes zero cost. Need a ThinkPad power supply?

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