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October 8th, 2011

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Welcome to Call For Testing, an online technical journal dedicated to the Berkley Unix. Call For Testing picks up where other BSD-related publications leave off by providing:

Feedback and Sharing

To foster a thoughtful dialog, please direct feedback to for private and public responses as appropriate. Less formal communication is welcomed via @CallForTesting on Twitter and

Articles include social media-ready meta data such as suggested hash tags and a canonical short URL at<articlenumber> without an article number will redirect to for your convenience.

Publishing Model

CFT is advertiser and contribution-funded in a very moderated manner: Individual pages will include only one BSD-related banner advertisement. Limited off-topic advertisements will be considered but at a higher rate with the difference going to community support. Captive, ad network or cookie-tracked advertising will not be accepted and BSD-related organizations are welcome to request space at no charge.

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Call for contributors

Some of the best BSD-related news and documentation is hidden in mailing lists and personal blogs. CFT welcomes both original articles and great materials that require help becoming articles.

CFT welcomes submissions on all BSD and developer education topics. We can help with article conception, writing and editing but expect submissions to be insightful, on-topic and authoritative. Financial compensation is available for feature articles.

We only ask authors to state that original works first appeared in CFT and are accompanied by a 30 day exclusive. We do not ask authors to assign their copyright to CFT.

Code samples are be assumed to be permissively-licensed and while authors are welcome to license their work as "Creative Commons", CFT as a whole does not yet use this approach.

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You are encouraged to cite CFT article and we will gladly consider republication requests. Article syndication without permission however is not appreciated.

About the Editor

I began using Berkeley Unix systems over twenty years ago and have used them in production environments for a decade. I launched my first public BSD-related activities in Latvia in 2002 and have coordinated several original BSD-related software projects at in addition to operating regional project mirrors.

Seeing a need for project-agnostic BSD fundraising and community coordination, I launched BSD Fund in 2007 along with the BSD Fund Credit Card. BSD Fund has sponsored and assisted a number of BSD events and funded the 1.0 release of the Portable C Compiler (pcc). I am an occasional guest and host on the BSDTalk podcast with Will Backman.

Michael Dexter

Thank you for reading and keep up the good work!

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