Call For Testing BSD Fund


These are test results from the Call For Testing lab and the results can be found on the results page.

OpenZFS Testing on All Platforms

See my article "Weak Links and Slow Bison" for an introduction to this work, followed by my upcoming AsiaBSDCon 2019 and BSDCan 2019 talks. To date, this testing has revealed the bugs that prevented OpenZFS on Windows from being usable on real hardware, and revealed a SLOG/NVMe issue that can immobilize a zpool. Watch this space for updates!

FreeBSD History Rebuild

You can't test FreeBSD without obtaining FreeBSD, and the early release history is surprisingly inconsistent. This spreadsheet tracks the status of this effort to locate "ancient" FreeBSD releases and we invite you to publish your FreeBSD 1.0 through 4.11 release ISOs.

FreeBSD Build Option Survey

See the results page for more information about the Build Option Survey and its results.


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